what to expect

At North Park, we feel that it’s OUR responsibility to “clear the way” for you to come to church. We want you to be able to experience the great music, encouraging messages, friendly people and uplifting atmosphere that are a part of North Park. And we know that your first time at a church - any church - brings up some questions. Here is a quick look at what you can expect, based on what people see when they visit North Park.

What is available for my children?

The children’s ministries at NPBC are designed to meet children where they are and to help them become faithful followers of Jesus Christ. The best way to impact them is by example, so we’ve chosen workers who are godly, loving role-models for kids of all ages. We know that as a parent you need to be sure that your children are in a SAFE environment. And we also know that your children are looking for a FUN place to learn. We’ve invested a lot to make sure that both of these goals are reached. From nursery to Senior High, young people at NPBC will be impacted positively for eternity!

What is available for adults?

There is something for everybody at NPBC! Whether you’re looking for a place to serve or a place to be refreshed, there are many opportunities for involvement – from Bible studies to sports teams to parenting groups to financial planning. What’s more, NPBC’s Adult Bible Fellowships meet on Sunday mornings to study God’s Word and offer a warm, smaller group setting where real people help each other deal with the struggles and challenges of life. We believe that the journey is all about “growing forward” into a deeper relationship with God and the people you “do life” with.

What can I expect when I come to North Park?

NPBC is a place to connect with God…and others just like you! You’ll experience great music, friendly people, and the enjoyable atmosphere that characterizes North Park. You’ll gain exciting insights and life-changing truths from God’s Word that will be practical and transforming, and will help you deal with the real issues of life. Knowing the life-changing nature of these truths drives us to help our community – and the whole world – to experience Jesus Christ and His love. 

So we invite you to join us at NPBC, where you can find a place to connect - with God, our community, and the NPBC family!