mission and vision


North Park’s MISSION:
North Park Baptist Church is a growing family of disciples who are committed to a simple mission, a simple ministry process to carry out that mission, and an unquenchable desire & vision to see transformation in the lives of people for the glory of God.

Our purpose for existence is to GLORIFY GOD by:
       Loving God,
                 Loving One Another,
                           and Loving the Lost to Jesus Christ.

We believe the every follower of Christ needs to have at least 4 PATTERNS in their life if they are to continually grow in their love for Christ and in their relationship with Him: Worshiping, Walking, Working, and Winning. We believe this so strongly that we seek to carry out that same PROCESS in our ministry philosophy, structure, and decisions.

WORSHIP: Jesus Christ is our passion and we will celebrate His presence through individual and corporate WORSHIP. Warren Wiersbe defines WORSHIP as “…the believer's response of all he is -mind, emotions, will and body - to all that God is and says and does.” The ultimate purpose of our church is glorifying God and honoring Him. Part of our worship should be focused on bringing glory to God by honoring His mandates and purposes (Psalm 67:3-4; Acts 2:41-47). May all that we do, say, or think, as individual believers and as a local body of believers, bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

WALK: To walk with Christ at North Park means to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ and with one another as the body of Christ. North Park Baptist Church exists to help believers become fully devoted followers of Christ. After the 3,000 were saved and added to the church on the day of Pentecost, they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching (Acts 2:42). In His Great Commission, Jesus Christ's central focus is on disciple making. This is not just a local church focus, but also a mission focus. North Park must not only win the lost, it must also nurture new babies in Christ. Edification includes nurturing, maturing, and reproducing. We cannot be satisfied until every believer has become a mature, reproducing disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

WORK: We believe that followers of Christ are specifically gifted by Him and should minister to one another in the local church, rather than one or a small number of pastors bearing total responsibility for care. North Park Baptist Church exists to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs within the body of Christ and to provide a biblical means of mutual accountability. The New Testament church devoted themselves to fellowship. In the Bible, fellowship is not simply social activity. It is primarily meeting the basic needs of every individual. Part of the process of edification is the utilization of gifts and talents for the purpose of building up the Body of Christ. We must be accountable to one another and for one another.

WIN: We believe that followers of Jesus Christ are called to actively engage the lives of lost people to show them the love of Christ and to share the message of salvation. North Park Baptist Church exists to reach lost people from whom Christ died. Luke 19:10 shares that the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. Jesus provided salvation by His substitutionary death on the cross. When He ascended back into heaven, He gave His church the commission to take the Gospel to the entire world (Matthew 28:19-20). A proper church mission focus will recognize the comprehensive implications of a vision for evangelism that seeks the dynamics of Acts 1:8. The concentric imagery of Christ's statement implies that the church's vision must include local outreach (Jerusalem), regional outreach (Judea and Samaria), and global outreach (the end of the earth).

North Park's VISION:
We envision a place where all that we do is driven by a desire to worship and glorify God. It is a place where the teaching is relevant and speaks to our needs. It is a place where we can remove the masks and be who we really are, a place that helps us view all of Life as a series of acts of worship to Jesus Christ.
We envision a place where broken and hurting people can come and find rest and hope. It is a place where our ultimate hope is in Jesus Christ and His sacrificial love for us. It is the kind of place where we are taught to walk in the foot prints of Jesus as we traverse the pathways of life. It is where we walk in fellowship with other travelers who help and encourage us as we seek to follow the Master.
We envision a place where serving Christ is more than mere duty. It is a place where we support one another in our growth in grace as we seek to work for the glory of Christ. It is a place where working for Christ is viewed as a natural outgrowth of our relationship to Jesus. It is the kind of place where we are encouraged and allowed to work where we are gifted and where the joy is in the doing as much as in the results of our doing.
We envision a place where there is a holy discontent as long as we believe that there are people who are not a part of us and who should be given that opportunity. It is the kind of place where together in community we seek to win those who do not know our Lord. It is a place where we gain strength and are encouraged in our relationship with Christ, and therefore grow in our desire to share with others about Christ.

This then is our VISION. If your heart resonates in a similar way we invite you to join with us in pursuing our dream. Together we can make it a shared dream and with God’s enablement we believe it can be a realized dream.