mission strategy

Convinced that the Biblical pattern for the church is consistent growth, we will develop the North Park Baptist Church ministry with growth in mind. The "growth rings" of church ministry begin with the cultivation of relationships to prepare for the sowing of the gospel seed reaped at conversion. The next growth ring helps to strengthen the plant. By introducing basic nutrients to stimulate healthy root development and stabilize the stem, the plant is then capable of supporting fruit. The third growth ring involves equipping the growing plant with specialize skills so that it may "branch out" into areas of specific ministry. The fourth ring helps mobilize the well-structured plant so that it may bear "much fruit". Subsequent rings are added which allow for the now mature plant to lead in the multiplication process.

The local church's view of the purpose of the church and philosophy of ministry will impact the practical implementation of a strategy for missions. It will have influence on the church services, facilities, financial strategy, and view of outreach.

In order to accomplish the main purpose of bringing glory to Christ, our Head, we must focus upon:

  • Quality growth: which includes building a firm foundation, emphasizing discipleship, growing the membership, and leadership development.
  • Quantity growth: which includes receiving new members, facilities development to meet the needs of the growing ministry, and, strategic and purposeful assimilation of all members into the ministry of the local church.
  • Extension growth: which includes reaching out to the community and starting new works in our community, other regions, and worldwide.