Awana Clubs provide an active program for boys and girls on Wednesday nights during the school year from 6:30 - 8:10 p.m.

Contact our AWANA commander, David Martyn.

The evening is divided into 3 periods:

        Game Time

                  Bible Council Time

                           Handbook Time

The children enjoy a great evening of Bible learning, Scripture memory, and recreation. Children earn awards during their achievement time and wear them on their Awana shirts or vests.

Special events include the Grand Prix, Awana Games (which provide competition with other churches), Parents' Night, the Awana Christmas Puppet Program, Awards Night, and the Awana Fair.

Awana Clubs are provided for three age groups:

Cubbies: 3 and 4-year olds - Upper level

Cubbies Parent Handbook

Sparks: Grades K-2 - Lower level

Truth and Training: Grades 3-6 -Lower level

The Awana year begins the second Wednesday of September and concludes with an Awana event the second Wednesday of May.

Our Awana club also supports an Awana Club in Romania!! During the time that we support an international club, we help them with their start-up costs to begin their Awana Club.  We have three different ways that we collect money for out adopt-a-club in Romania.

  • We collect money with the adopt-a-club coin cards. Each card holds 20 quarters ($5). The clubber takes a coin card home, fills it up and returns it to club to help with adopt-a-club. We encourage the clubbers to earn the money that they put in the coin card as it would make the project more meaningful to them. The coin cards are available upon request in the Awana office.
  • We collect money through the Gordon Food Service Fun Funds program. The Fun Funds program is free, and it gives a portion of what you spend back to the organization with which you register - in this case North Park Baptist Church's Awana Program. All money through the Gordon Food Service Fun Funds program is used to support our adopt-a-club. Registration forms for this program are available in the Awana office.
  • We also collect pop cans. The clubbers can bring pop cans with them to clubs and turn them in to their leaders.  All the pop cans are returned to the store, and the money is put in the adopt-a-club fund.

We also encourage the clubbers to pray for our club in Romania as they reach many kids for Christ.



Awana has had a PaperGator Recycling dumpster delivered to the church. The dumpster is located near the southwest corner of the church building. You are welcome to drop off your paper recycling products in the dumpster at any time. The following items may be placed in the dumpster:

  • newsprint
  • catalogs/magazines
  • junk mail
  • phone books
  • office/school paper

Please don't place any of the following items in the dumpster:

  • plastic
  • metal
  • trash
  • glass
  • cardboard

The paper products will be picked up by BPV Environmental to be processed. The paper will be shredded and processed into hydroseeding mulch, lawn establishment products, lawn repair products, cat litter, dog litter or small animal bedding.

Awana will receive a check for the paper products picked up.  The proceeds will be used to help Awana clubs in other locations through the Awana Adopt-a-Club program, to help our Awana missionaries and other special projects.  Please see David Martyn if you have any questions!