Hi. My name is Joe and I've been attending North Park for about 11 years...

Time flies when you're having fun! I was saved as an adult, about 19 years ago and starting attending a good Bible-teaching church here in Grand Rapids. I met my beautiful wife there and we starting having children. As our family grew we still wanted to attend a church where the teaching was true to God's Word, but also was smaller, so our kids knew the people they were sitting next to each Sunday. We considered several churches near our home, but found North Park to be a friendly place we could settle down at.

Eleven years later we are so glad to be a part of this family. My wife and I have five children who we have been glad to see growing in their walk. Three of them have taken a summer Christian camp trip to Canada with their friends from North Park -- my wife and I have noticed a difference in their lives since that experience. I look forward to going to North Park each Sunday. By the end of the week I can be tired and sometimes down. By the time Sunday late morning rolls around and I've participated in ministry and gone to the worship service, I feel reinvigorated in my Christian walk.

The people here care about me and I, in turn, try to care for others. If you're new to North Park or looking for a good church in the area, I hope you end up here. You'll find a bunch of people who have struggles just like you and I who are trying to live out their Christian walk in a real and practical way.