Hi.  We are Carl and Lori...

When we woke up that first Sunday morning in June 1979, just two weeks after we were married, we still hadn’t decided where we were going to go to church.  The only church nearby that we knew anything about (the pastor was a professor at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary) was North Park.  Since it was only a mile away, we decided to give it a try.

Little did we know how our quick and rather casual decision that morning would so powerfully impact the rest of our lives. We fell in love with North Park, and our lives in the almost 30 years since have become inextricably bound together with our church family.  So much of who we are and what we are doing today is a direct result of our church experience.  Our three daughters were born and raised here to know and love the Lord.  Our closest friendships have been forged at North Park.  We have had the privilege of involvement with nursery work, children’s ministries, youth ministries, music, Sunday School teaching, small group ministries, mission trips, etc.  Carl has served as custodian, deacon, treasurer, interim assistant pastor and associate pastor (1986-1994). 

In 1995 we became missionaries with SEND International, and North Park has generously supported us in that role ever since.  We love the people in this church body and have been cared for and loved by them. But it’s not just the past that we appreciate about North Park; we are enthused about where we are and where we’re going. The centrality of the Word of God and a focus on biblical teaching and preaching is in the DNA of North Park.  Our people are called to godliness, to a life that conforms to the image of Christ.  And not only is this a friendly, loving church family which cares for its members; the pastoral staff and deacons are leading the church body in an ever deepening outreach mentality.  It is exciting to see a sharpened focus on reaching the community with the love of Christ and embracing God’s passion to see all the nations hear of His glory. We will be forever grateful to God for bringing us to North Park!