Hi.  I'm Arlen. 

The Lord made His power known in my life at age thirty seven.  In order to know anyone, you must address the life that Christ has given them. Solomon reminds us that everything else about a man is vanity. Let me introduce myself and some of my family based on this important truth.

Our fourteen year old son was introduced to Christ and for a number of years showed signs of a change in his heart, but did not share what had happened to him. In reality, even if he had told me about trusting Christ as his personal Savior, I may not have understood. My wife, Darlene, came to Christ a few years later through the testimony of the same faithful school teacher who had introduced our son to Christ.  Within a year of her salvation, her testimony had affected both myself and our daughters and by the end of 1973 all of our immediate family were saved and assured of heaven. That was the best Christmas that our family has ever experienced. The Lord did not stop there. Within a few short years we felt led to full time ministry.  I retired at age fifty three and entered full time ministry at our local church which eventually led to a ministry of helping small churches in Iowa. 

In 2000, a granddaughter's health needs prompted us to move to Grand Rapids so we could be close to our daughter's family to assist in their time of need.  Leaving our friends in Iowa was a difficult decision, but we felt that was what the Lord had for us in this period of our lives.  Our major concerns were the possible loss of ministry, the developing of new friends, and finding a good church.  After attending several area churches, the Lord led us to North Park.  By the second week, I was invited to speak in an Adult Bible Fellowship class as a guest speaker and the rest is history. If you're reading this and looking for assurance in your relationship with the Lord, looking for spiritual maturity, great fellowship, and honest worship, come and visit us this next Sunday. You will immediately recognize the quality of worship and challenge from God's word.  You will experience one of the greatest family gatherings available. 

Our Lord is faithful to those who seek Him.